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Next performances of Them at Tjarnarbió, Reykjavík in May

Them is a documentary-based theatre performance about the Nordic male identity, interpreted by women. The performance is based on interviews gathered from men living mainly in the Western world. Four actresses dive into the world of men, exploring images of masculinity and their impact on the life of men in Nordic societies. The approach is empathetic in attempting to understand the male condition and the possible oppression men can receive from the society's end. Them consists of monologues performed in English, Finnish, Swedish and Icelandic, depending on the country of each performance.


Research & Development performances:

24.6.2017 Mikró festival – Höfn, Iceland

6.10.2017 Feminist Association Unioni – Helsinki, Finland

10–14.10.2017 Teater Viirus – Helsinki, Finland

Final Premier:

May 2018 – Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik



Sound Design

Kristian Pernilä

Lighting Design

Markus Alanen

Set Design

Eva Björg Hardardottir

Art Direction

Louis Crevier

Help and Support

 Eva Solveig, Markus Alanen

Special Thanks

Nordisk kulturkontakt, Naisasialiitto Unioni, Tjarnarbio, Slaturhusid, Nordic House in Reykjavik


Suvi Nousiainen & Spindrift Theatre


Anna Korolainen


Bergdis Julia Johannsdottir


Minerva Pietilä


Bergdis Julia Johannsdottir

Anna Korolainen

Marjo Lahti

Tinna Thorvalds Önnudottir

Erm...I would say I’m confident. Yeah,I don’t know. I don’t think about myself, it’s hard. Maybe, confident. That’s for sure. Nice, that’s for sure. And handsome, that’s for sure. I think as myself as what should be normal. Maybe not with the confidence part but I think that I am normal and what should be a guy in his 20s, 30s.
My strength [scares me]
the… the realization the horrible truth that i would physically be able to end the other person’s life
and actually quite easily.
Till my brother
Got a bit over
What’s the word
And he just like pulled it back
And the mouse just went flying over our heads
It hit a car
The mouse wasn’t dead
We were like ‘oh shit’
His name was Speedy.
I mean, I used to be more rushed. I’m making up for it. I’ve become more subdued. Especially in regards to presentation. There is a…masculinity is oppressive. In reality there are many masculinities. Within society there is space for more masculinities. We should be able to come up with forms that are less toxic. Especially towards women. But a particular mode of heterosexual masculinity… that needs to be reworked. It is possible to do the work. Masculinity that is not about domination.

The performance is supported by Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Tjarnarbió Theatre, Slaturhusid Culture House, Nordic House in Reykjavik and Feminist Association Unioni