Anna Korolainen Crevier (Finland), Bergdis Julia Johannsdottir (Iceland), Henrietta Kristensen (Norway) and Sólveig Eva (Iceland) came together during their theatre training in London (Rose Bruford College). 

What began as a study group became a theatre company during our placement in Estonia (Eesti Muusika ja Teatriakadeemia).

Our further work and training has taken place in Norway, Ireland, Scotland, America, Iceland, Spain, France, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Italy and Poland. 


We work physically as an experimental company centered around the performer's curiosity on life and human nature. 

We focus on visually intriguing physical and experimental productions, following the passion to move audiences through both honesty and dreamlike worlds.

As we work internationally the name Spindrift refers to our connection across the sea. The image of the ocean wave meeting its surface winds reminds us of theatrical confrontation. The opposite forces within this same element remind us of the contradictive and diverse qualities of an individual. 


As a collective of female performers our viewpoint is organically feminist. However, we are not strictly a political theatre company or solely focused on women's issues. We are curious about the human being and his/her journey, and enjoy working with individuals of different genders and ages to best discover and share those stories. 

We are focused on innovation within theatre performances and training, with an emphasis on equality and freedom within devising and psycho-physical exploration. 

We are focusing on the creation of a feminist training practice, where the whole range of emotions and movement qualities is explored without value judgment, because we believe the entirety of the human body and experiences has theatrical potential and seek to avoid overlooking "feminine" qualities in an art form where "masculine" tendencies are often encouraged in the performer.