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Spindrift Theatre is an all female Nordic theatre company. We work physically as an innovative, experimental company centered around the performer's curiosity on life and human nature. 

Spindrift Workshops

Our workshop The Performer and the Self investigates physical storytelling, exploring the performer's Self through movement and sound, and solo devising.

The workshop explores the simultaneous development of space and character - questioning how the performer can bring their character to the space through working with objects, architecture and transforming materials to further character building. 

The workshop encourages participants to play with different and previously hidden aspects of their identity and physical qualities.

The Performer and the Self has toured in at the Ilmaisuverstas/Näyttelijäliitto (Helsinki), Tjarnarbíó (Iceland), Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Scotland), Gaiety School of Acting (Ireland) and Norsk Skuespillersenter (Norway).

We are currently developing an advanced workshop spawning from the same themes. The workshop will be delivered for the first time in 2018 at the Finnish Actors' Union.

If you are interested in bringing our training to your students or have any questions, feel free to contact us at: for further information. 


Free to Explore

We are focusing on the creation of a feminist training practice, where the whole range of emotions and movement qualities is explored with no value judgment, because we believe the entirety of the human body and experiences has theatrical potential.

We wanted to emphasize that the whole human instrument has to be explored and played, as actors need to present the whole spectrum of human existence.

I found the workshop such a freeing experience, never before was I able to connect with my body without self judgement, or second guessing myself.
— Rose Bruford College Student, London 2014
The structure and safe space created for us meant that I was freely able to explore movement as the sole form of storytelling which is a completely new way for me to perform.
— Workshop Participant of Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
The workshop taught me ways to find the appropriate balance between the vulnerability of exposing one’s self and the ways of being able to transform and confidently express it.
— Rose Bruford College Student, London 2014
I enjoyed the comfortable and safe environment created by the facilitators which allowed me to avoid any inhibitions in my exploration.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
I learned that physical theatre isn’t just leaping across the ground and doing complicated dance moves.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
I haven’t felt that comfortable and happy in ages.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
I surprised myself with how honest and trusting I was.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
Now I can use my physicality (something I was previously unsure about) to convey characters without speaking.
— Junior Conservatoire Student at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2015
The artistic directors of Spindrift Theatre were themselves very open, supremely generous, energetic, responsive, supportive and fun which made the whole experience so wonderful.

I think the combination of their different skills, personality and talent, as well as their unique individual approach to the work collectively comes together very beautifully and this drives you toward them and with them on the journey, wherever that takes you.
— Workshop Participant, Dublin 2015
I entered parts of my mind that I didn’t really know existed.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
I learned that there are so many ways to devise from just yourself and your own experiences. I liked learning new ways to do this and how you can pick and choose different traits to create something new.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015
I am now more aware of all aspects of my body.
— Workshop Participant at Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, 2015

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